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Genetic insights for better managment

Together with our partners we provide state of art technology for genetic testing related to oncology. We provide both liquid biopsy genetic testing and classical testing.
Genetic testing for hereditary and somatic cancers can provide life-changing results in affected patients and their relatives, accompanied by potential actionable steps for genetic-related cancers. With many different applications of genetic testing to detect and care for cancer, we can guide you in selecting the right options to enhance the treatment of your patients suffering from hereditary cancers. Having identified genetic variants associated with oncological diseases in more than 200 different genes, we can provide a comprehensive range to foster cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection, and monitoring.

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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in woman constituting around 25% of all females cases. Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 can increase the risk of developing cancer.
No. of genes:2
TAT: 15 days
Type: Germline
Details: Panel includes next-generation sequencing or microarray targeted panel


NeoThetis is a novel, non-invasive liquid biopsy test for therapy selection, that can guide towards the most optimal treatment for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Performed via a simple blood draw, NeoThetis is painless for the patient and overcomes some of the challenges of tumor biopsy including tumor inaccessibility, hospitalization after surgery, and failure to reflect tumor heterogeneity.
Through proprietary, thorough and sophisticated analysis, NeoThetis can analyse minute amounts of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). This is cell-free DNA that is released from primary and metastatic tumor sites into the bloodstream of patients with cancer.
NeoThetis detects genetic mutations that drive cancers or are associated with resistance to treatment, while also assessing microsatellite instability (MSI). The unique test design ensures that NeoThetis can provide you with invaluable information and guidance on targeted therapy selection that could make cancer treatment more precise and beneficial for your patient.


It is our All-in-one
Validated cancer panel for analysis of 591 key cancer-specific genes from tissue biopsy samples and genomic DNA
INVIEW tumor profiling is the most comprehensive gene panel available for optimised detection of tumour-specific genomic alterations. The oncology panel is optimised for formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) or fresh-frozen tissue samples, as well as genomic DNA samples, to deliver accurate genomic information on the status of clinically relevant driver mutations. This solid tumour panel uniformly and reproducibly covers the entire exons of about 600 characterised cancer genes, including tumour activators, tumour suppressors and biomarkers for drug resistance.


Our solid tumor panel provides full sequencing of 106 selected cancer-associated genes as well as the hotspot analysis of relevant cancer regions in 43 genes. It detects over 5,000 validated oncogenic variants and includes the latest evidence-based variants associated with treatment decisions in solid tumors. The panel has more than 25 genes with approved targeted therapies or those that are being currently tested in clinical trials. Furthermore, somatic variants with an impact on prognosis of the individual tumor or on the efficacy of standard anti-tumor therapy are captured. It covers more than 100 different types of somatic cancers, including adrenal, colon, hepatic, prostate, renal, skin, testicular, thyroid, glioma, esophageal, endometrial, and breast cancer, among others. The panel provides a better understanding of tumor behavior as well as its likelihood to respond to a treatment, contributing to tailored medicine for the patient, thus frequently leading to a better outcome or reduced adverse effects.
No. of genes:149
TAT: 15 days
Coverage:>97% >200x

Embryonic Stem Cells


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