Bioinformatics Consulting

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your research to the next level by bioinformatic tools. At Scientistical, we combine our insights and skills to help you using programming and bioinformatic tools. Programming used for data analysis will be Python and tools used for includes:
Database Searching(NCBI,Ensemble, 1000 genome, Omim, PDB, SNP and GO, Panther, SWISS Prot, GEN bank, sift, Snp2, PROVEAN, Predict SNp, Meta-SNP, Phd), Blast, PSI Blast, ClustalW, MuSCLE, T-coffee, Mega6, PBD, PROSITE, Pfam, BLOCKS, hummer, gor4, PRINTS, InterPro, Motif Search, Web Logo, MEME, Gibbs Sampler, PSIPRED, Moddeller, MolProbity, SWiSS-MODELLER, I-Tasser, AutoDock Vina, Xtalpred, Vec-Screen, himera, Python Molecular Viewer, SignalP. Many other tools can be used according to required project.

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